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Our Story


Why Choose Columbus Martial Arts Academy?

Our story starts with over 17 years of experience in core martial arts training, we could proudly claim that our academy is the best martial arts training outlet in the area since we offer so much more than the traditional martial arts academies. We offer training of Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Silat, Self Defense and General Fitness Training. At our academy, we have a strong team of instructors who are dedicated towards improving the skills of our members

We strongly believe in motivating each other so that all our members could realize the potential which they are capable of achieving. We push our members to the extent where we make the impossible possible for them in terms of personal growth and development. With the roots of our academy embedded in loyalty, honor, honesty, respect, courage, righteousness and compassion, we don’t just enhance your physical skills but also transform you into a much better and a stronger individual.

At Columbus Martial Arts Academy, we strive towards empowering our members so that they could build nerves of solid steel and are able to face all kinds of challenges which life may put them through. Our training environment is safe and clean and we make sure that when our member finishes a training program with us, they take with themselves, a sense of ownership, discipline, self-confidence and respect.

We welcome you to Columbus Martial Arts Academy and look forward to training with you. So come train and grow with us!


At Columbus Martial Arts Academy, the safety of our members is our primary concern. To ensure 100% safety, we only hire instructors who are professionally trained in their respective martial arts skills. Moreover, upon induction of a new trainer, we make them take an extensive training program which covers basic course instructions, safety protocols and planning and motivation skills. All of our trainers are certified and trained professionals who each have years of experience behind their trainings.


“is to help transform the lives of our members and build rock-solid personalities. We strive to enhance the mental and physical strengths of our clients by sharing our experiences and knowledge in an encouraging and a motivating learning environment. With modern day training techniques, we wish to provide strong and independent individuals to the society who can tackle all kinds of challenges in life”.


Our vision at Columbus Martial Arts Academy

“is to serve as the industry leader in the health and fitness industry by nurturing the well-being of our members. We strive to maintain, build and improve the physical and mental conditions of our clients into individuals who can serve significantly to their respective societies”.

Our core Values

Why do we perform the same activities day in day out? What are the driving factors at Columbus Martial Arts Academy? What makes us turn up to work every day with revitalized energy and motivation levels? As a physical training academy, we believe that it is essential for us to share the core values of our academy with our members and those who are planning to join us on this fitness voyage.

Following are the core values of Columbus Martial Arts Academy:

Balanced Lifestyle: We strive to ensure that our members maintain a balanced lifestyle between personal life, work life and their physical training.

One Community: All our members are equally important to us and we function as a motivating, supporting and encouraging family.

Progression: We are result driven and we make sure that all our members are learning something new each day and progressing ahead in their training

Respect: The foundation of our academy is based on giving respect to every member regardless of their age and training goals.

Dedication: We push our members to achieve the best they can in terms of their physical fitness and training.


Improve your health and general fitness

Learn modern day martial arts techniques and skills

Train your body, mind and soul

Enhanced self confidence levels

Develop a ‘New’ You

Train with the best instructors in the industry

Have fun, relax, and let go of any unwanted stress and nervousness


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