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Fitness is a vast term, but it generally refers to being able to carry out your daily tasks without fatigue by including physical exercise and a healthy food intake a part of your day to day routine. A number of people come to The Columbus Academy of Martial Arts struggling with their muscular and cardiovascular endurance; our trainers guide them and work with them on a one on one basis. We aim at working on the following components of fitness:

Cardiovascular Endurance- this is the ability of a person’s heart, lungs and blood vessels to deliver oxygen to the body. Cardiovascular endurance can be improved through aerobic activity. Muscular Endurance- this refers to a muscles ability to sustain repeated contractions. Flexibility- this refers to making your body move quickly without experiencing any hindrance. Flexibility is of utmost importance when performing any form or martial arts. Balance- balance is the ability to stand without falling, this is done by having you weight spread equally. Speed- is the time you take to react, when defending oneself if there isn’t a timely reaction you opponent can defeat you within seconds.Body Composition-body composition is amount of fat versus muscles and tissues in your body. The less the fat and more the muscle the better you can train.