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Muay Thai is native to Thailand and is also its national sport. The word Muay means “combat” which has been derived from the Sanskrit word “Mavya” and Thai means “free people”.  The Thai government made efforts in the year 2000 to spread this sport all over the world and succeeded in doing so.

Muay Thai is often confused with kickboxing, but it’s not the same since the rules in both differ. Muay Thai originated for self-defense, but soon evolved as a combat sport.

It is also a fantastic full-body, fat-burning workout as it is based on “The Art of Eight Limbs”. What this means is that this combat sport not only involves using hands and feet to fight but also elbows and knees; using eight “points of contact” rather than two “points of contact” (fists) or four (fists and legs). This sport takes advantage of a person’s entire body including height, weight, and strength.

Since MuayThai is an art of striking, strikes can be thrown from different ranges-long, mid or close.  It consists of two techniques ‘maemai’ or major techniques and ‘lukmai’ or minor techniques. The clinch is an element of Muay Thai, which is used to throw the opponent to the ground.

Some of the many benefits of Muay Thai are increased cardiovascular conditioning, increased leg strength, increased core strength, increased hip mobility, stress relieving, fat burning and muscle building.