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Self Defense

Today’s society presents many dangers to the people who walk within it. For many of us, the conditions of these dangers tend to be almost predetermined to favor adversity. To women specifically, the odds are greatly unbalanced.

In our Women’s Self-Defense Classes, our students will learn a higher vitality and self-respect. Our students learn to appreciate their independence. Through training, students will learn the finer principles of leverage, momentum, technique, and timing that are proven to subdue an attacker with a size or strength advantage.

By empowering women we train these techniques that demand a character that walks with greater confidence so as not to present ourselves as weaker, for the weak-minded prey on the weak-willed.

Our classes are for women only and will be free of any men with the exception of the teacher or coaching assistant for realistic scenarios. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is known to be one of the most complete forms of exercise. As you progress through our classes and become proficient in these techniques you find that your body will become stronger, capable, and more effective.

We train to ensure that we do not become victims. We look forward to meeting and training with you!